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The Jonathan Group
 #170 Timber Ridge
 Drasco, AR 72530

Phone: 501.825.7876

Executive Recruiters:
  Denny Brubaker
  Paul Berry
  Greg Buschmann
  Lisa Cherry
  Cindy Hicks
  Ken Larsen
  Stan Witt

General Information:


Client Companies
We understand that hiring the wrong person, even if he or she has the correct technical skills, is very costly. Our job is to find those rare individuals who will have the most positive impact on your company's success.

  • We stay current on industry trends and up-to-date on competitive compensation packages.
  • Our team is skilled at mediation and negotiation.
  • We prevent "crossed wires" with direct, accurate communication and provide realistic expectations for both parties.
  • We listen closely.
  • You'll be surprised by how much we know about your company and industry.
  • We always aim to forge long-lasting alliances with key clients who have a stake in receiving the early word on industry trends and movements.

To learn more about us and how we can discreetly approach and attract your dream candidate, no matter what he or she is currently doing, e-mail us at info@groupjonathan.com.

You will be contacted within 24 hours after you have submitted a job opening.

There is no obligation until you have reviewed and signed our service agreement.